Meet Nora
She is an emotional assistant that lives in your pocket. She can understand when you’re stressed by the way you speak to her, and like a good friend, she can call you out on it and recommend breathing exercises.The more you talk to her, the better informed she is about your emotional patterns, and can help you connect the dots between them.

Using voice-recognition and emotional artificial intelligence, she can sense when you’re not yourself, and she can help you take a step back before making choices you might regret later.
Modern demands and time commitments don't allow time for introspection and mindfulness, this results in heedless habit formation in an unaware state.
By providing data of self-recorded emotions through time, people can become aware of their emotional patterns and in result, be deliberate with their emotions due to the ability to understand themselves better.
IxD In-App Animations
Past Screens Iterations
Inventing the Nora Brand
Nora, short for Eleanor, refers to light. When one becomes mindful and aware, it is said that they are becoming "enlightened" so it made sense to base Nora off of themes of light and brightness. Nora brings introspection and perspective back into the lives of the user.
Logo Explorations
Past-iterations of the Nora brand included color variations as well as the avatarization of Nora.
Future Implementations
Partnering with Apple, Nora can make use of available Apple Watch technology to track pulse and automatically sense when the user is under stress. Nora can then recommend logging their current state of emotions, and recommend breathing exercises as a mindfulness practice to bring them back to normal pace.
Live prototype
Feel free to play around with it below!

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