So what is IKEA-Assemble?

IKEA-Assemble is an augmented-reality based mobile app that provides error-proof, real-time instructions to follow along on your mobile device while assembling your new IKEA products. It shows you how every piece comes together, step by step. (Yes, even those extra screws).

A main component of the IKEA brand is the build-it-yourself experience, and yet many people feel that the furniture assembly process found in the iconic little black and white manuals, is not accessible or straight-forward.

By modernizing the furniture-assembly process, IKEA can enhance its costumer’s building experience.
Proof-of-concept on how a user would use IKEA-Assemble to build a JOKKMOKK chair
The initial steps towards conducting user research were all about gauging public opinions on the IKEA furniture building experience, and the results were fascinating.
"Why Building Ikea Furniture Is Probably Satan's Favorite Hobby" by Arielle Calderon, Buzzfeed Staff. The post visually expresses how most of us feel while trying to build IKEA furniture.
So how does the Augmented Reality come into play?
Screen Iterations
Finding the best way to convey progress and important messaging systems was an integral part of designing for Augmented Reality, as most of the screen-real estate goes towards camera usage to capture and annotate its environment.
Taxonomy & Task Division

Based on a taxonomy exercise, I decided to divide the building process of a JOKKMOKK chair into three big steps, with small tasks within each.
Completed Tasks and Steps
Every time a task within a step is complete, a thumbs up appears. Whereas every time a step is completed, the progress bar moves up a percentage and a star appears.
Keeping constant with the iconic IKEA brand, IKEA-Assemble makes use of the blue and yellow for basic elements, while also incorporating colors such as red and green to signify accuracy throughout the process of assembling your furniture.
Live Prototype
Feel free to play with it below!

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